How to Grout Plastic Tile

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Things You'll Need

  • Household cleaner

  • Soft rag

  • Bucket

  • Rubber float

  • Rounded grout sponge

Plastic tiling is an easy-to-clean, cost-effective alternative to ceramic tiling. Using plastic tile is an interesting way to add a retro touch to your kitchen or bathroom. Grouting plastic tile is very much the same as grouting ceramic tile, though you must be careful with cleanup to avoid scratching the surface of the plastic tiling. Choose a grout color that either matches the background of the tile or a brightly colored grout for an additional decorative statement.


Step 1

Clean the surface of your plastic tiling with household cleaner and a soft rag to ensure that you do not scratch the tile.

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Step 2

Pour water into the grout mixture and stir so that it is the consistency of cake batter. Only mix up enough grout at a time to fill a 1/2-gallon container. Stir the grout and wait 15 minutes for it to set before troweling it on the tile.


Step 3

Spread the grout with a rubber float over 6 square feet of the plastic tile at a 45-degree angle to ensure it gets into the joints. Gently scrape off any extra grout from the tile surface using the float.

Step 4

Dip a rounded grout sponge into a bucket of water and squeeze. Wipe the grout from the surface of the tiles until you have removed the excess grout. Go over the joints with the rounded sponge so you create uniform straight lines.

Step 5

Wait at least 24 hours before using the tiled area. Go over the plastic tile with household cleaner and a soft rag.


Place a dehumidifier in the room to aid with drying the grout.


Avoid using a saturated sponge on the grout area because it will result in crumbly grout.