How to Make Fake Blood Without Food Coloring

Make your own fake blood for an inexpensive -- and safe -- alternative to commercial products. While many fake-blood recipes call for food coloring, you can make it just as easily with other red non-toxic materials such as fruit syrups and drinks.

Strawberry and chocolate syrups team up for fake blood. (Image: SDenisov/iStock/Getty Images)

Chocolate Berry Blood

A fake-blood recipe tasty enough to eat requires two simple ingredients -- chocolate syrup and strawberry syrup. Any kind of strawberry syrup will do as long as it is red, such as a sugary syrup used to flavor coffee drinks or another type more likely to be poured atop pancakes or a sundae. Pour some of the strawberry syrup into a bowl; then slowly stir in a little chocolate syrup at a time until it reaches the desired color and consistency. This type of fake blood runs quite a bit and can be placed in gel caps squeezed between your teeth.

Vibrant Red Velvet

Red velvet cake mix offers enough color to create a realistic, goopy blood, suitable for use on fake wounds or for splattered, disgusting messes around the room. Mix a box of the mix with approximately 4 cups of water, leaving the batter slightly chunky in some areas. Add the water a cup at a time until you reach the desired consistency for your project. To make the cake-batter blood stick better, mix in some corn syrup, peanut butter or raspberry, strawberry or cherry jam.

Packing a (Fruit) Punch

Fruit punch -- the redder the better -- makes a non-toxic base for another fake blood recipe. Mix 1 part fruit punch to 2 parts corn syrup for a bright red blood. Add a little powdered cocoa to thicken and darken the blood slightly. Chocolate syrup may also be used to thicken and darken the blood.

Perfecting the Blood Blend

Depending on how you plan to use the fake blood, you may want to thicken or thin it, or make it darker. Cornstarch makes the blood less translucent -- perfect for blood made from punch and clear liquids. Corn syrup makes the blood thicker and less runny. Small bits of toilet paper or chunky peanut butter add texture for disgusting effects.

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