How to Make a Strong Scented Soy Candle

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Things You'll Need

  • 4 cups soy wax flakes

  • Double boiler

  • Hot glue

  • Tabbed wick

  • Mason jar

  • Essential oils

  • Candle thermometer

  • Candle dye

  • White paper

  • 2 wood craft sticks

Make strongly scented soy candles by using high quality wax and essential oils

In order to make strongly scented soy candles, you must use essential oils that are 100 percent pure. The strength of the oil you use will also determine how strong your candle will smell. Adding too much fragrance oil may prevent the candle from burning properly, and it can cause the oil to seep back out of the candle once it hardens. Once you select a scent, you can prepare to make your own scented soy candles.


Step 1

Pour 4 cups of soy wax flakes into the top of a double boiler. Fill the bottom half of the double boiler with water. You may need to add more or less wax flakes depending on the size of your container. If you are in doubt, always melt more wax than you plan to use because you can always use it later.


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Step 2

Place the double boiler over medium-high heat. Heat the wax until it melts. Stir it to encourage the melting.

Step 3

Apply hot glue to the bottom of a tabbed wick. Place it into the center of a mason jar, and press down slightly to ensure that the glue sticks to the glass.


Step 4

Add your preferred essential oils to the wax when it melts and reaches a temperature of 185 degrees F. Add 1 oz. of oil for each pound of wax for strongly scented candles. Some essential oils may require that you add more depending on the strength of their smell.

Step 5

Stir the oil into the melted wax. You may need to experiment with certain oils before you achieve the desired effect. Do not add more than 2 oz. for each pound because it may be too much oil for the wax.


Step 6

Add candle dye to the wax slowly and stir it into the wax. Add a small amount of dye at a time. You can test the color of the wax by spooning it out onto a piece of white paper and letting it dry.

Step 7

Pour the wax into the jar once it reaches 200 degrees F.


Step 8

Keep the wick in place with two wood craft sticks placed on each side of the wick. Once the wax cools and hardens remove the sticks. When the wax cools, a divot or indentation will form in the wax because the wax shrinks. and you will need to fill it in with additional wax.

Step 9

Melt the leftover wax and pour it into the candle to fill in the indentation that will form in the center of the candle after it hardens. You may need to replace the wood craft sticks to keep the wick straight.

Step 10

Trim the wick to 1/4 of an inch.


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