How to Make Wax Warmer Inserts for Mason Jars

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Things You'll Need

  • Candle stubs or wax pieces: any color

  • Sharp knife

  • Old double boiler with pour spout

  • Water

  • Old wooden spoon

  • Essential oils

  • Silicone mini muffin pan

  • Brown paper

  • Plastic container

Wax melts scent your home without flames, oil or diffuser bottles.

Mason jar wax warmers scent your home without the danger or hassle of warming oil or flaming candles. You don't have to purchase special scent reservoirs or shades for them, either. Mason jar warmers use electric heat to melt scented wax tarts. The tart releases its fragrance, making your home smell fresh. Budget-conscious homeowners need not even buy wax tarts. You can make them at home with a few household items.


Step 1

Cut up your wax piece or candle stubs into nickel-sized pieces. If using candle stubs, remove any remaining wick. Try to use unscented candles and match colors as best you can. You may also mix colors. For instance, white and red makes pink.

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Step 2

Fill the bottom half of a double boiler halfway full of water. Bring the water to a simmer. Fill the top half of the boiler with one to two inches of wax chunks. Place the top of the boiler into the bottom.


Step 3

Gently poke and stir the wax until it's totally melted. Lift the top of the boiler from the bottom. Pour about a half-inch of wax into each of the wells in your mini muffin pan. Silicone is slippery and heat-resistant, meaning it needs no release agent.

Step 4

Allow the wax to harden for about 24 hours. This ensures the wax is hard and cool all the way through. Wrap each wax tart in brown paper and store them in a cool, dry place. A plastic container in the refrigerator or a cool first-floor storage unit works well.


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