How to Cure a Soy Candle

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Things You'll Need

  • Freshly poured soy candles

  • Lighter

Soy candles contain natural soybean wax and they often are preferred as a healthy candle option instead of burning candles made from paraffin wax. Many people enjoy making their own soy candles because the process is not difficult and the finished results can be beautiful—in both appearance and scent. One important step in the soy candle-making process is the cure time. After pouring the candles and allowing them to harden, you must then allow them to cure. This cure time will ensure that the candles provide the richest scents when you burn them.


Step 1

Allow the freshly poured soy candles to sit without disturbing them until the wax hardens slightly. This will prevent the wax from shifting when you move them.

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Step 2

Place the slightly hardened candles in a warm and dry location where they will not be disturbed. The curing time may be as short as 24 hours and may be as long as two weeks.

Step 3

Light a candle after the minimum cure time and assess the amount of scent you smell coming from the candle. If you consider it strong enough, the soy candles are finished curing. If you desire a stronger scent, allow the candles to cure for more time.


The longer you cure soy candles, the stronger the scents will be when you burn them.


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