How to Make Costume Sheep Ears

Sheep ears can be used as costume accessories for Halloween, Easter or a school play. They can come in several different colors. They're roughly the same shape as a pig's ears, only fuzzier. It's important to decide whether you want to attach your ears to a hood or a headband before you make them. A headband is easier to take on and off and is much less hot. If you're going trick-or-treating on a cold night in October, attaching sheep ears to a hoodie might be a good idea, but otherwise, headbands are more comfortable to wear.

Things You'll Need

  • Short pile plush fabric
  • Scissors
  • Headband
  • Craft glue
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Measuring tape

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Step 1

Cut two 4 inch long, 3 1/2 inch wide ear shapes out of plush fabric with the scissors.

Step 2

Cut a rectangle of plush fabric the same width as the headband, but one inch longer.

Step 3

Measure 3 1/2 inches down the length of the rectangular piece of fabric.

Step 4

Pinch the bottom of one of the ears together. Use the needle and thread to sew it, folded closed, onto the underside of the length of fabric at the spot you've measured.

Step 5

Measure 3 1/2 inches down the other side of the length of fabric. Pinch the bottom of the other ear together. Use the needle and thread to sew it, folded closed, onto the underside of the length of fabric.

Step 6

Coat the underside of the entire length of fabric with craft glue. Attach it to the headband, folding the extra 1/2 inch on either end up and under the ends of the headband.

Step 7

Position the ears so that they're turned slightly down and pointing out sideways. Glue them if you have to. Wait 12 hours for the glue to dry.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can also make these ears out of construction paper, using a construction paper headband the size of the intended wearer, cotton balls and staples.
  • You can add a little pink material to the insides of the ears.


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