How to Make Fabric Crafts Using Sharpie Markers

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Things You'll Need

  • Tarp

  • Fabric

  • Disposable cups

  • Rubber bands

  • Colored Sharpies

  • Rubbing alcohol

  • Eye dropper

  • Newspapers

  • Christmas Stocking

  • Stencil

Sharpie markers are permanent and can be used on fabric.

Sanford is the company that makes Sharpie markers. Sharpies are permanent markers. These markers are available in 34 different colors. Permanent markers are useful for labeling boxes, freezer bags, and the tags of children's clothing. Another use for permanent markers is making craft projects. Since Sharpies come in so many colors, you can easily use them to tie-dye fabric or personalize a Christmas stocking.


Tie Dye T-shirt or Pillow Case

Step 1

Lay out a plastic tarp before you begin your project. You don't want to take any chances of getting ink on your table or carpet.

Step 2

Choose whether you want to make a tie-dye t-shirt or a tie-dye pillow case. Set the fabric of your choice on the tarp.

Hint: Lighter colored fabric will show the tie-dye best.


Step 3

Place a plastic cup underneath the part of fabric that you want to dye. The open end of the cup should face up with the part of the fabric you want to dye in the middle of the open end.

Step 4

Secure the fabric in place by wrapping a rubber band around the top of the cup. This will also hold the fabric taut.

Step 5

Color a circle or some squiggle marks with the colored Sharpie of your choice on the fabric in the middle of the rubber band.


Step 6

Use an eye dropper to drip three or four drops of rubbing alcohol over the area you just colored. It will spread the dye around.

Step 7

Repeat, moving the cup around until you have covered all of the fabric that you wanted.

Step 8

Wait for the fabric to dry, then prewash it in cold water. Dry it in a dryer for 30 minutes before using for the first time.

Personalized Christmas Stocking

Step 1

Lay some newspapers out over your workspace area. Sharpies will stain your table or floor if they come in to contact with them.


Step 2

Choose a stencil that best represents the name of the person you are putting on the Christmas stocking. For example, if your mom likes cupcakes use a cupcake stencil. If your sister likes puppy dogs, use a puppy dog stencil.

Step 3

Place the stencil on either the left or right side of the top white part of the stocking. Color it in using your Sharpie markers. If you want the stencil on both sides with the name in the middle, repeat the step placing the stencil on the opposite side.


Step 4

Take your Sharpies and write the individual's name next to the stencil you just colored. You can write the name in block letters, bubble letters or in cursive. You can also use whichever colors you want. You may want to pick the individual's favorite colors to write their name.

Step 5

Wait for the markers to dry before you hang the stockings up.


You can also use Sharpies to decorate your backpack for school.


You may want to make sure children are wearing old clothing when they begin working with the Sharpie markers. Sharpies will permanently stain clothing.