How to Make a Homemade French Maid Costume

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Things You'll Need

  • Short black dress

  • White apron

  • Hose or stockings

  • Black heels

  • Feather duster

Your favorite black dress is the best base piece for this costume

The French maid costume has long been a popular sultry and seductive costume idea for Halloween, as well as a more private bedroom favorite. Although you can buy an elaborate, mass-produced or handcrafted costume for a lot of money, with just a little work and some ingenuity you can make a French maid costume in your own home.


Step 1

Search through your closet (or take a trip to the store) and find a short, snug-fitting black dress that ends somewhere around or above the knees. Any black dress will do, but a solid black with white lacy frills on it fits the French maid idea best. Wear the black dress as the foundation for your costume and make sure that everything else you select for the costume matches the dress.

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Step 2

Find or buy a white apron, the lacier and more elegant the better. You can either get one that goes up over your chest, or just one that runs up to your waistline. Wear the apron over the front of the dress. You can even add a black satin corset with white or black lace over the apron to enhance the look.


Step 3

Wear a pair of black or white hose or tights with black pumps.

Step 4

Accessorize the costume however you like. A feather duster fits the stereotypical image of the French maid, but you can substitute a tray of tea or a small white cat or fluffy dog. A small black or white purse might also go nicely with your costume if you are going out to a public party where you need to have your I.D. handy.


If your costume is less for Halloween and more for the privacy of your own home, you can trade the hose for thigh-high stockings or fishnets and add a matching garter belt and underwear.


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