How to Install Shower Door Magnets

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Things You'll Need

  • Clean rag

  • Pencil

  • 3 small round magnets, 1/4 inch thick

  • Superglue

Applying magnets to your shower door is easy and, sometimes, necessary

A sliding glass shower door that slides when it's not supposed to can be an annoying problem. Besides the sudden lack of privacy, it can cause water to spill out all over your bathroom floor, which leads to safety concerns and additional cleaning. You can avoid this problem by installing simple door magnets onto your shower. This project involves nothing more complex than glue, magnets and a little bit of time.


Step 1

Place a small mark with your pencil where you want the magnets to go. Make sure that they will be out of the way. If the door is metal, you can even place the magnets on the shower wall, so that when the door closes, the magnets will pull and hold the door shut.

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Step 2

Clean the surfaces of your shower with a clean rag and some water. If you are bonding the magnets to glass, make sure to use glass cleaner to ensure a clear bonding surface. Wipe the water off the shower door with the rag, drying it.

Step 3

Open your bottle of superglue. Use the top of the container to puncture the seal underneath the lid. Make sure not to puncture the bottle otherwise.

Step 4

Place a small dab of superglue onto the surface of the magnet that you will be gluing to the wall. Don't overglue, and don't get any on your hands. Once the glue is in place, immediately stick the magnet to the door or wall. Place them on the marks that you made in Step 1.


Step 5

Hold the magnet in place until it adheres, which should be no more than two to five minutes. Let go, and then let the magnets sit in place another hour before using.

Step 6

Try pushing the magnetic door onto the wall, making sure that it sticks; then try pulling it off, making sure the magnets don't hold the door and wall together too strongly.


If you accidentally bond your skin together, use hot water, soap and a blunt object, such as a spoon handle, to pry the skin apart gently. This may take some time, so be patient. Don't ever try to pull skin apart from other skin without prepping it with water and soap first.

If the glue gets into your eyes, bathe them with generous amounts of water. If you can't flush it away, seek medical attention.


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