How to Clean Scuff Marks on Timberland Boots

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Boots can get stained and dirty easily from outdoor activities.
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A nice pair of boots or shoes is an investment, which is why it's essential to promptl clean any damage to them. If you own Timberland boots, immediately remove scuffs and scratches using one of the methods here or Timberland boot polish.


Try a Simple Fix

First, try to erase scuff marks on your Timberland boots, whether they're suede or leather. Using the eraser on a Number 2 pencil, a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser or a similar product, gently rub the scuff mark on the boot. As you do, you may want to use a clean cloth to wipe away any debris and see if the eraser works.


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Very often, this method will work for more minor scuffs especially. However, if the boots are very dirty or damaged, something more drastic is likely needed.

Use Household Cleaners

Next, you can try using everyday household cleaners to remove scuff marks or more serious damage from your Timberland boots. The cleaning process is essentially the same whether the boots are made from nubuck, suede or leather.


First, remove the shoelaces and wash the shoes gently with mild laundry detergent. Allow them to dry completely. Then, mix liquid dish soap (with a degreaser) in water and gently use a toothbrush and the soap to scrub away any oil, dirt or major scuffs and scrapes. Next, use a leather brush (for leather shoes) or suede brush (for suede shoes) to remove all the excess dirt you loosened with the toothbrush. At this point, you can tell if scratches still remain on the material. If so, try the eraser technique again.


The last step is a little different for suede and leather. For suede shoes, lightly dampen a clean cloth in white vinegar. Gently rub the boots with the vinegar, taking care not to soak them or get them too wet. Let them completely air dry before wearing them. For leather shoes, mix 1 part white vinegar with 2 parts olive oil. Gently dip a clean cloth in the oil and vinegar mixture and rub it onto the boots. Buff them with another clean, soft cloth before it dries.


Use Timberland Boot Polish

You can also use Timberland boot polish to clean away most stains and scratches from your boots, including dirt, oil and scuff marks. Timberland sells its own cleaner brand for its shoes, but other companies make similar products. Make sure that what you use is appropriate for the type of material.


For nubuck, suede or leather boots, the first thing to do is to brush off any excess dirt or debris from the outside of the shoes using a suede or leather brush or gentle cloth.

Carefully read and follow the care instructions for whichever cleaner you choose to use. Typically, the procedure involves applying a small amount of cleaner at a time, gently rubbing it into the material, and then wiping or washing it away.


Caring for Timberland Boots

No matter what kind of boots you have, take steps to care for them properly. First, the chances are good that you need to apply a weather sealant or protective treatment to the outside. This inexpensive substance will protect water and oil from seeping into the material and reduce the chances that stains will set.


Next, thoroughly clean them at least once per season or three to four times a year if you wear them year-round. If you use them as work boots, you may want to clean them more often.



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