How to Paint Using Watercolor Pencils

Things You'll Need

  • Thick art paper

  • Watercolor pencils

  • Art eraser

  • Small dish

  • Watercolor paintbrush

  • Paper towels

Paint using watercolor pencils for a new technique.

Combine the art of colored pencils and watercolor painting into one art form with special watercolor pencils. When you create your masterpiece first with watercolor pencils, you can apply the colors with just the right blending and color gradations. After you finish applying the colored pencils, move onto the painting stage of the creative process or leave your drawing alone with only the color from the pencils. If you add water, you can flawlessly blend and create watercolor effects on your drawing.

Step 1

Create your drawing with the watercolor pencils. Draw the foundation of the picture and then begin to add in the colors. Add the lightest colors first and change gradually to the darker colors for best blending. Continue working until you add color to all of the areas of your picture. If you make mistakes with the watercolor pencils, erase them with the art eraser.

Step 2

Fill the small dish with water and place paper towels nearby to blot your paintbrush.

Step 3

Dip the paintbrush into the water and blot it onto the paper towel to remove the excess water.

Step 4

Apply the moist paintbrush to the areas you filled in with watercolor pencils. The dryer the brush, the brighter the colors will remain. If the brush is wetter, the colors will become more muted and blended.

Step 5

Work slowly. Do not to apply too much water to the paper because you may cause the separate areas of color to all blend together if the paper becomes too wet.

Step 6

Place the paper aside and allow it to dry completely before you display the picture.


As you color in your picture with the watercolor pencils, try dipping the tip of a watercolor pencil into water and then coloring the paper with it. You will make a very dark and bold color when you use this technique.