How to Use a Wire Cutter

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A wire cutter may be necessary to complete many jobs.

You want to finish that job you were in the middle of, but you cannot figure out how to use your wire cutter. The wire cutter looks just like a pair of pliers to you. Your inability to use the wire cutter may be the only thing preventing you from finishing the job you set out to complete.


Step 1

Examine your wire cutter closely. Open and close the wire cutter by moving the handles.

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Step 2

Look closely at the metal ends of the wire cutter (referred to as the "jaws"). Locate the sharp metal ridges and move the handles, noting how the sharp ridges connect with each other as you close the handles.

Step 3

Place the wire you wish to cut between the sharp metal ridges and tightly squeeze the handles of the wire cutter together to cut the wire.


Once you are proficient with your wire cutter you can "strip" wires by lightly pressing the handles together and making a cut through the covering of the wire all the way around the wire. You can then use the wire cutter to pull the covering off of the wire, leaving the wire underneath exposed.


Wire cutters can be very sharp. Do not place your fingers on or between the sharp edges of the cutter. Do not allow children to play with a wire cutter.

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