How To Make a Bow for a Teddy Bear

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Things You'll Need

  • Craft wire

  • Wire cutters

  • Satin ribbon (1-inch wide)

  • Scissors

  • Hot glue gun

Make a bow for a teddy bear to embellish a gift.

Present a plush new teddy bear to an eager child, complete with a bright bow around the soft bear's neck. When you embellish a teddy bear with a colorful ribbon bow, the bear instantly seems fancier. Select a ribbon color that will appeal to the recipient or choose a color that complements the color of the bear or the bear's clothing. The finished result promises to make the gift a memorable one.


Step 1

Cut a 4-inch-long piece of craft wire using the wire cutters. Set this wire aside momentarily.

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Step 2

Pull the end of the ribbon from the spool, pulling off approximately 10 inches of ribbon.

Step 3

Make the first loop of the ribbon, leaving a 7-inch tail. Make the loop at least 3 inches long.

Step 4

Make the second loop across from the first loop just above the 7-inch tail of ribbon, making this loop the same size as the first loop.


Step 5

Continue making more loops, stacking the loops on top of each other on both sides until you have at least four or five pairs of loops.

Step 6

Cut the ribbon off with the scissors, leaving a 7-inch tail to match the first tail.


Step 7

Wrap the craft wire piece around the ribbon between the pairs of loops, pulling the wire tightly and twisting it around itself at least five times. Clip off any excess wire and fold the end of the wire up to nestle it in between the loops.

Step 8

Pull the loops out from the center of the bow, fanning them out to make the bow full and round.


Step 9

Place the bow at the center or side front of the teddy bear and pull the tails around the bear's neck to the back.

Step 10

Place a dab of hot glue on one end of a ribbon tail and glue the other ribbon tail to it to secure the bow around the teddy bear's neck. Cut off any excess ribbon after gluing the ends together.


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