How to Kill a Wisteria Vine

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Things You'll Need

  • Pruning shears or handsaw

  • Herbicide

  • Shovel

Trim wisteria regularly to keep it from consuming a yard and becoming a nuisance.

Wisteria is a lovely vine plant producing beautiful, fragrant blooms in early spring. Unfortunately, this vine plant tends to be invasive and can overtake your entire yard, choking out other plants and trees. Controlling a wisteria problem is difficult, because it is hardy and not easily killed. There are a few techniques, however, to try to rid yourself of a wisteria vine.


Step 1

Dig up new, young wisteria sprouts with a small shovel or by hand. Make sure you remove the root system for the new sprouts.

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Step 2

Cut the wisteria vine off at the stump. This may be challenging if the vine is matures and has been allowed to grow for quite some time, as the stump may be very large. Use pruning shears to snip the vine off at its stump, if it is small. Use a handsaw to cut off older, larger vines at their base.


Step 3

Spray an herbicide liberally on the top of the stump. Avoid getting the chemicals onto the surrounding area so other plants are not contaminated. The best time to apply herbicide is during the winter months, when the wisteria plant is dormant and less likely to resist the contaminants.

Step 4

Keep applying the herbicide daily for a few days or as necessary to ensure the plant is effectively killed. If the wisteria tries to grow again from its base, cut it again and apply more herbicide.


Step 5

Continue to be vigilant about plucking up any new sprouts as soon as they appear. Wisteria is very resilient and will most likely continue to grow unless the sprouts are removed quickly.



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