How to Remove Single Hung Windows

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Hung windows are a type of residential windows which operate vertically by sliding a frame holding the glass up or down to open and close. The designation "single hung" and "double hung" refer to whether one or both panels of glass in the opening are operable and can be opened. To repair the glazing, clean the windows or repaint the window's frame, removing the window assembly from the jamb is required, and this procedure for tilting and removal applies to both types, with steps specific to single hung windows.


Step 1

Remove the window screen, if applicable.

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Step 2

Raise the lower window unit, called the "lower sash," until the bottom is approximately 5 to 6 inches above the sill.

Step 3

Pull the top of the lower window frame toward you to release the top of the sash frame from the side channels. For windows equipped with a tilt lever in the sash lock, pull the lever out horizontally until it is fully extended, then pull of the sash frame toward you to release the top of the window. For windows with retractable neoprene channel slides, depress the slide on either side to free the top of the window frame from the side channel, then repeat on the opposite side to bring both top corners out of the side channels.

Step 4

Rotate the top of the bottom window unit toward you until held horizontal. Then raise the entire unit upward to the approximate middle of the lower opening.

Step 5

Grasp the sides of the window unit and lift the right side up to free the lower sash guides from the side channel cams. Remove the window sash from the frame.


Step 6

Manually position the cam pivots on both sides to the mid-point of the lower sash opening for reinstallation of the lower sash. These pivot cams are connected to the sash cord on both sides.

Step 7

Locate the shear blocks supporting the upper sash on both sides of the window frame. Remove the fixed upper sash by releasing these shear blocks supporting the upper sash frame. These blocks are typically held in place with flathead wood screws on wood window frames or a sheet metal screw on metal window frames. Be certain the support the upper sash as these blocks are removed.


Step 8

Lower the upper sash to the approximate middle of the window opening.

Step 9

Grasp the top and bottom of the upper sash on the right side and, applying a slight pressure toward the left side, swing the frame toward you to remove the sash from the window frame.

Step 10

Reverse this procedure to replace the sashes and screen.

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