How to Make a Homemade Statue of Liberty Costume

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The Statue of Liberty is a popular American symbol and a popular tourist site in New York City that represents freedom for all. It is made of copper, and due to oxidation, it is now a light green color. If you are looking for patriotic costume ideas to dress up for a holiday like Halloween or the Fourth of July, consider dressing up as lady liberty in a Statue of Liberty costume.


Coming up with homemade Halloween costume ideas can be a challenge, but with a few straightforward steps in this tutorial, you can bring this piece of NYC to your town when you create your own DIY Statue of Liberty costume.

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Things You'll Need

  • Light green bed sheets (or white sheets and fabric dye)

  • Six sheets of light green craft foam

  • Scissors

  • Flip-flops

  • Light green spray paint

  • Plastic headband, 1/2-inch wide

  • Cardboard toilet paper roll

  • Long thin book (at least 10 inches long or more)

  • Superglue

  • Orange and red tissue paper

  • Rope (optional)

Select Green Bed Sheets

Purchase light green bed sheets, either twin size for a child's costume or full size for an adult. You can also buy white sheets and dye them using light green fabric dye and following the manufacturer's instructions.


Make the Statue of Liberty Crown

Cut out six long triangles from light green craft foam that matches your bed sheet color or spray-paint white foam with a green color. Make triangles with 4-inch-wide bases and 10-inch-long sides.


Paint the Costume Accessories

Spray-paint your flip-flops with light green paint that matches your sheets. Also spray-paint a plastic headband, cardboard roll and book. Give the paint an hour to dry.

Assemble the Headpiece

Apply a small strip of superglue to the base of one of your triangles. Place it on the headband near one end and continue to glue the triangles about 1/2 inch apart across to the other end of the headband.


Make the Statue of Liberty Torch

Take two sheets of orange tissue paper and bunch them up with two sheets of red tissue paper. Glue them to the top of your cardboard roll. This will serve as your torch for the costume.


Finish the homemade Statue of Liberty Costume

Wrap your sheet around your body like a toga. Drape one end of the sheet over your right shoulder and wrap the fabric under your left arm and around your body once or twice and then tie it in a knot with the fabric you draped over your shoulder, or you can cut a hole in the center of the sheet for your head to go through and use a rope spray-painted green as a belt to give your costume more shape. Put on your headband and flip-flops and pick up your torch and tablet.


For a more complete look, you can also apply light green body paint to your face and any areas where your skin is exposed and use green spray-on hair paint.

You can also spray-paint a flashlight green and use that as a torch. This is a great idea for kids who are trick-or-treating at nighttime, as it makes them more visible, and they can use it for guidance when walking around.



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