How to Plant Grass Seed in Utah

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Things You'll Need

  • Vegetation poison

  • Tiller

  • Landscaping rake

  • Grass seed

  • Broadcast spreader

  • Garden hose and equipment for watering


Planting grass from seed is far less expensive than planting sod. In Utah, there are challenges associated with planting from seed related to the arid climate and high summer temperatures. With careful attention to timing and care of the new grass, you should be able to grow a lush green lawn in just a few weeks or months. Planting from seed doesn't provide the immediate satisfaction of sod, but over the long haul you should be more than satisfied with the results and cost savings.


Step 1

Plant grass in Utah during the spring or fall. Avoid planting in the middle of the summer.

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Step 2

Remove any weeds or other vegetation from the planting area. Till under the dead plant life to a depth of 3 to 6 inches. Level the area with a large landscaping rake.


Step 3

Distribute the grass seed evenly over the area with a broadcast spreader.

Step 4

Gently rake the seeded area with a landscaping rake.

Step 5

Water the area two to three times daily for three to four weeks, keeping the ground wet. Do not over-water to the point where water is pooling, as this will wash the seed away.


Step 6

Prevent foot traffic, human or animal, from the seeded area. Avoid mowing the lawn for six to eight weeks. Withhold fertilizer of any kind for three to four months.

Step 7

Fertilize after three to four months with any nitrogen-rich fertilizer on two- to three-month intervals. Follow the label instructions for applications amounts.


The most common type of grass in Utah is Kentucky Blue Grass. It is resistant to Utah's weather conditions and resilient to foot traffic.


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