The Easiest Way to Take Wallpaper Off

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Things You'll Need

  • Wallpaper remover solution

  • Paint brush or roller

  • Broad-blade utility knife

  • Sponge

Removing wallpaper can be easy if you use the right method.

When the wallpaper in your room shows signs of wear and tear or is completely out of style, it is time to change it. Removing wallpaper can be much harder than it seems. It is time consuming, depending on how large the walls are and how many walls are covered with wallpaper. Using the right materials and taking your time will help you remove the wallpaper easily.

Step 1

Apply wallpaper remover to the wallpapered wall. This helps separate the glue from the wallpaper. Use a roller or paint brush and cover the wallpaper with the remover solution starting from the top corners and borders and moving to the bottom of the wall.

Step 2

Wait 20 to 30 minutes for the remover solution to soak through the wallpaper. Begin peeling the wallpaper. If you are unable to remove it by peeling, then use a broad-blade utility knife to remove the wallpaper. Start from the top of the wall at a corner and scrape along the border, working your way down toward the bottom of the wall.

Step 3

Clean the wall. Use a soft sponge and wet it with warm water. Wipe down the wall to clean it from any debris left behind from the glue or wallpaper.


Wear protective clothing, goggles, face mask and gloves during the process of removing the wallpaper.