How to Make a Cow Ears Headband

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A DIY cow ear headband.

Cow ears are an essential accessory for any cow costume. You might be inspired to try this tutorial if your kid is playing a cow in a Christmas pageant or production of "Charlotte's Web" or they have requested a cow Halloween costume.


A fun couples costume for a Halloween party might feature one person dressed like a cow and their other half as a cowboy. A cow ears headband is also just a fun item to have in a dress-up box. These DIY cow ears are affixed onto a headband base, so they are comfortable and will fit anyone. The crafty project is fun, easy enough for kids to assist with, and requires only inexpensive supplies.


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Things You'll Need

  • Paper

  • Pencil

  • Scissors

  • Cow print, black, brown or white felt

  • Straight pins

  • Headband

  • White glue or fabric glue

  • Clothespins

Draw a template

Draw a cow ear shape on paper or card stock. Cow's ears are oval shaped and tapered at the top. Use a picture as a guide, or search online for a printable if you're having trouble getting the shape right. Make the ear about 4 inches long for a child's cow ears costume or longer for an adult's animal ears. Cut out the shape with scissors.


Draw a cow ear shape on paper to use as a template.

Pin the pattern to the felt

Fold a sheet of felt in half and place the pattern on the upper layer with the base of the ear along the fold. Pin the pattern to the felt, pinning through both layers.


Pin the paper template to your folded fabric.

Cut out the pattern

Start at the fold and cut around the pattern. End your cut at the fold, leaving about an inch along the fold uncut. You will have two felt ears joined at the base.


Cut out the cow ear from folded fabric around the pattern.

Cut out the other ear

Cut a second ear from the sheet of felt in the same way that you cut the first one.



Cut a second cow ear from folded fabric.

Spread the glue

Spread a thin layer of white or fabric glue on one side each felt ear, making sure to spread the glue all the way to the edges.


Apply glue to the reverse side of the ear.

Wrap the felt ears around the headband on each side. Cows' ears stick straight out from their heads at the sides. Glue the two halves of the ears together tightly to the headband, matching the edges. Use a clothespin to hold the base of the ears firmly against the headband until it dries.


Wrap the ears around the headband

While the glue is still wet, wrap each felt ear around the headband on one side in a position just above the costume wearer's own ear. Cows' ears stick straight out from their heads at the sides. Press the two halves of the ears together tightly, enclosing the headband at the base.

Wrap the ear around the headband.

Secure the ears with clothespins

Use clothespins to hold the base of the ears firmly against the headband while the glue dries.


Hold the ears in place with clothespins.

Shape the ears

Shape the ears into a slight lengthwise curve while the glue is wet by pinching the back of the ear with a clothespin. You might also sew a few small stitches in the back of the ears at the base to hold them in a curved shape.

Use clothespins to shape the ears.

Let the glue dry

Allow the ears to dry overnight.

Hold the ears in place while the glue dries.


  • Glue lighter-colored, smaller, felt ovals inside the fronts of the ears, if desired.
  • Use paint or glue additional felt shapes to the ears to create a black and white or brown and white cow print.
  • Tie strands of fluffy yarn to the middle of the headband to form a "cowlick."


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