How to Make Glow in the Dark Paper

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Things You'll Need

  • Wax paper

  • Paper, such as orange construction paper

  • Scissors

  • Shallow disposable container

  • School glue or decoupage medium

  • Glow powder

  • Craft stick

  • Foam brush

Glow in the dark paper turns ordinary paper craft projects into stunning creations once the lights are off. Cut glowing paper into shapes such as ghosts or bats for a Halloween banner, or a series of stars for your own starry wall or ceiling. Glow paper may be made with any color of paper such as construction paper for separate daytime and nighttime appearances; one side glows, the other is the original paper color. Create your paper shapes ahead of time to avoid wasting the glowing powder that transforms your project.


Step 1

Cover the work surface in wax paper. Place the project paper atop the wax paper.


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Step 2

Cut the paper into shapes, if desired, to cut down on the quantity of supplies needed to make the paper glow.


Step 3

Squirt some school glue or decoupage medium into a shallow disposable container, using enough glue to give the paper a thin coating.


Step 4

Charge the glow powder ahead of time by placing it near a light source for at least 20 minutes.This will make it easier to tell when you've added enough powder to your glue solution. Sprinkle some of the glow powder into the glue or decoupage medium in the disposable container. Stir with a craft stick until the powder is thoroughly mixed in. Turn off the lights or cup your hands over the bowl and look closely at it to determine if the liquid glows completely; if not, add more glow powder and stir it in again.


Step 5

Coat one side of the paper with the glowing school glue or decoupage medium, using a foam brush. Keep the coating thin and smooth to make it less obvious on the paper. Allow the paper to dry completely. Apply a second coat, if desired.


If the paper curls from the moisture in the glue, set another sheet of wax paper atop it and weigh it down.

Another way to make the paper glow is to spray it with a spray adhesive, then sprinkle the powder lightly over the wet adhesive using an empty shaker bottle or empty spice container with a shaker top.


While glow powder is considered safe, avoid rubbing your eyes or ingesting it for maximum safety. Wash hands after using the powder.


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