Removing Laundry Marker From Fabric

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Things You'll Need

  • Clean towel

  • Rubbing alcohol

  • Cotton cloths

  • Water

  • Nail polish remover

  • Laundry detergent

Laundry markers contain permanent ink.

You can remove laundry marker stains on fabric by following the proper techniques and using the right supplies. Laundry markers are often used when children write messages or sign their names on special occasion sweatshirts or T-shirts. While the ink is meant to be permanent, persistence, effort and proper supplies help to get the laundry marker out.


Step 1

A towel absorbs ink and protects your surface.

Lay a clean towel down on your work surface. Use a towel you are willing to discard afterwards as it will contain ink transfer from the marker.

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Step 2

Place your laundry marker-stained garment on the towel with the ink stain face up.

Step 3

Pour rubbing alcohol on the laundry marker stain to saturate it.

Step 4

Blot the laundry marker stain with a cotton cloth, which causes the stain to transfer to the towel beneath it. Continually move the towel underneath to a clean spot, and change cotton cloths frequently so you aren't smearing or transferring the stain back onto the fabric.


Step 5

Use cool water because heat sets the stain.

Rinse the fabric with cool water.


Step 6

Pour nail polish remover on any remaining laundry marker stain. Allow the nail polish remover to sit on the fabric for a few minutes.

Step 7

Blot with a clean cotton cloth, transferring the laundry marker stain to the towel below.


Step 8

Apply a small amount of heavy-duty laundry detergent and water to the area that was stained with laundry marker. Rub the fabric together to work the detergent into the fibers. Allow the detergent to work for a few minutes.

Step 9

Check clothing for washing instructions.

Rinse the fabric with cool water, and wash according to the instructions on the garment's care label.


Use laundry marker when you're certain you want it on your clothing.


Ask friends what they're going to write before they write it, so you avoid ending up with anything offensive on your clothing.


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