How to Make Paper Transparent

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Things You'll Need

  • Page from coloring book and crayons

  • Cotton balls

  • Cooking oil

Stained glass projects captivate children and cheer up drab windows. While there are many choices for readymade kits on the market, they can be expensive. Plus, plastic may not be the best choice for the environment. Handmade sun catchers are best when made from simple materials. With a little vegetable oil and a cotton ball, you can turn an ordinary coloring book page into a transparent paper sheet, ready for proudly hanging in the window.


Step 1

Color the paper as desired using crayons.

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Step 2

Flip the paper onto its back. Make sure this is the side without any crayon on it.

Step 3

Dip cotton balls into a shallow bowl of cooking oil. Make sure they are damp but not saturated.


Step 4

Use the dampened cotton balls to slowly rub the cooking oil into the back of the paper. Make sure to cover the whole area.

Step 5

Allow to sit until the paper is dry. You can now hang the colored paper in the window, and it will allow light through.


Thick black lines and darker colors work the best for the pictures.


Use only crayons for the coloring.



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