How to Clean Copper Jell-O Molds

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Things You'll Need

  • Hot water

  • Dish soap

  • Soft cloths

  • Salt

  • Distilled white vinegar

  • Bowl


Copper Jell-O molds need proper cleaning and care for to prevent damage or discoloration. Any type of copper cookware, Jello molds included, scratch easily if washed with an abrasive cloth, scrubber or cleansing agent. Most copper cookware has a coating to keep copper from contaminating the food, according to How to Clean Stuff's website. If the mold doesn't have this layer, do not use it for food. Abrasive materials can also scratch the protective layer.


Step 1

Put the stopper in sink. Add two to three drops of dish soap. Fill the sink 3/4 full with hot water.

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Step 2

Submerge the copper Jell-O mold. Any remaining Jell-O will melt off as it warms. Wipe the mold with the soft cloth.

Step 3

Rinse off the mold with clean, hot water.

Step 4

Pour 1/8 cup of vinegar into a bowl. Add one tbsp. of salt and mix together. You can double or triple the recipe for larger items.

Step 5

Pour some of the paste onto a soft cloth. Wipe down the copper.

Step 6

Hold the mold under running water to remove the paste.


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