How to Store an Air Compressor

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Things You'll Need

  • Pallet

  • Drain pan

Always ensure your air compressor is properly stored when not in use.

An air compressor is a machine that compresses air in a tank and emits it through a tube at high speeds. Air compressors are commonly used to inflate tires, but they also have many other purposes, such as moving debris and applying paint. To keep your air compressor in the best working condition, you must store it correctly. Improper storage of the air compressor can lead to rusting and other damage that may hinder the compressor's performance.


Step 1

Clear out a dry area for your air compressor. Choose a location where your compressor will not be under direct sunlight. Use a pallet as a raised platform to protect your air compressor from any moisture that accumulates on the ground.

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Step 2

Turn off your air compressor and unplug it from the wall. Never leave your compressor powered on or plugged in when it is not in use.

Step 3

Turn the knob that regulates the outlet of air pressure until it reaches zero.

Step 4

Remove any tools attached to your air compressor. This can include an airbrush or nail gun. Remove any hoses meant to elongate the valve as well.


Step 5

Set down a drainage pan under the air compressor's valve. Tilt the compressor so the valve is at the bottom, allowing any liquid to pool near the valve's entrance. Ensure the valve outlet remains directly over the drainage pan.

Step 6

Ask a friend to hold the drain pan in place as you open the valve part way. Have your helper keep his hands away from the valve's opening because the remaining air pressure will exit the tank forcefully.


Step 7

Open the valve the rest of the way as the air pressure lessens. This will allow the remaining condensation and other liquids trapped inside the compressor to exit. If these liquids remain in the compressor, they will rust the tank from the inside.

Step 8

Close the valve after it stops leaking fluids from the inside. Move the air compressor to the designated storage area.


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