How to Wash Tamarac Slippers

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Tamarac slippers are made from suede and shearling, or synthetic materials.

Tamarac slippers are manufactured by Slippers International. Tamarac slippers come in two different varieties. One is made from shearling, or sheepskin, and has a suede exterior. The other is made from synthetic materials but looks similar to the shearling type. The cleaning technique is the same for suede, sheepskin or synthetic fibers. It is recommended that you do not submerge the slippers in water frequently as this can damage or misshape the fibers.


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Things You'll Need

  • Suede brush

  • Suede eraser

  • Woolskin shampoo

  • Fine wire brush

  • Corn starch

Step 1

Purchase a suede eraser at a shoe store. They are often sold with a suede brush. Rub the eraser over any scuffs, water spots or oil marks on the surface of the slipper. Rub the spot until it is removed. This should not take more than 10 or 20 seconds of light pressure.

Step 2

Take the suede brush and brush over the entire surface of the slipper. The brush is designed to make the suede stand up as it did when new. Brush the surface of the suede until it is soft to the touch and looks even. Some portions, such as the toe area, may need more brushing than others.


Step 3

Sprinkle some corn starch inside the slipper. Allow the slipper to sit overnight. The next day empty the starch from inside the slipper. The corn starch helps soak up some of the dirt and oil from inside the slipper.

Step 4

Wash the entire slipper by hand with warm or cool water in a sink. Never use hot water. Submerge the slipper until it is entirely saturated. Add a small amount of woolskin shampoo to the water, and rub it into the slipper both inside and outside.

Step 5

Drain the water from the sink. Squeeze all the water out of the slippers. Do not wring the slippers by twisting, as this can damage the structure of the slipper. Use a squeezing motion.


Step 6

Place the slippers outside in the sun to dry. Stuff some paper towels or a soft cloth inside the slipper to dry the inside. Leave the slippers outside until sundown. If the slippers are still wet, allow them to dry outside the next day as well.

Step 7

With a metal brush, gently brush the visible areas of shearling or sheepskin. Brush in one direction only. Do not try to comb deep into the fibers, or the brush can get caught. All you want to do is make the surface of the slipper soft again. It is fine for the fibers to be slightly curled and tangled.


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