How to Gift Wrap the Front Door for Christmas

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The icicle lights are strung with care and the eight not-so-tiny plastic reindeer you scored during last year's post-holiday sales are roof-ready. But your Christmas decorations aren't complete! Oh, ho ho ho—they most certainly are not. And we have four words for you. ‌Gift wrap front door‌. That's right, a wrapping paper-covered front door is the last step in transforming your home into a true Christmas decor masterpiece.


The red and green candy cane, snowman or pine tree-patterned papers you have stored away in your for-Christmas bin are ready to make an appearance yet again. That's why we've put together this easy DIY Christmas gift front door wrapping paper tutorial.

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Video of the Day

So get ready to wrap that door with the shiniest, boldest or just-plain-ol' cutest Christmas paper of the year. And don't worry if you're not exactly a Martha Stewart-level DIY queen or king. This Christmas door makeover is one of the easiest holiday season projects you'll find online.

Things You'll Need

  • Two-sided tape

  • Scissors

  • Step stool

  • Christmas wrapping paper: 36 inches by 82 inches

  • X-acto knife or comparable knife

  • Clear packing tape

  • Ribbon

  • Puffy bow (matching color of ribbon)

Prep the materials

1. Tape your door

Cut 30 to 40 pieces of two-sided tape and put them along the perimeter (top and bottom) of your front door.



Test the tape on an inconspicuous spot of your front door first. You don’t want to accidentally peel paint off the door or leave behind a sticky post- Christmas craft mess.

2. Cut the wrapping paper

Choose a piece of Christmas-themed wrapping paper that is 38 inches wide and 82 inches long. The standard size of a door in the United States is 36 by 80 inches. Cut the wrapping paper slightly longer to secure it at the top and bottom of your door.


Wrap the door

1. Cover the top of the front door

Hold your piece of wrapping paper in front of your door. Pull the paper up so that it extends at least 1 inch above the door. Check to make sure it is not crooked. Climb on your step stool and press the inch of wrapping paper down against the flat part at the top of the door. Make an even crease. Press your wrapping paper evenly onto the tape and flatten it against the door. Stop when you get to the doorknob.




Don’t line up the gift wrap with the top edge of the door. You will need to fold the top inch of the wrapping paper over the top of the door to touch the tape.

2. Cut a doorknob slit

Cut away the paper that covers your doorknob in a circular area to reveal your doorknob completely.


3. Cover the bottom of the front door

Press the remainder of the wrapping paper against your door in a smooth and even fashion.


4. Tape the crease

Apply clear packing tape to the crease, securing the paper over the door. Add more packing tape so that the entire flat section of the top of the door is covered in tape. This will ensure that wrapping paper does not come off when you open and close the door.



Again, make sure the tape won’t damage your front door. Try to keep the tape on top of the wrapping paper. If the edges have to touch the door, test the tape in another inconspicuous part.

5. Secure the bottom of the gift wrap

Fold the extra inch of paper against the flat part at the bottom of the door. Secure it in place with clear packing tape. Cover all of the bottom part of the door so that wrapping paper does not tear off when you open and close the door.


Add the ribbon

1. Cut the ribbon

Cut a piece of ribbon that is 82 inches long. Cut another piece that is 38 inches long.

2. Add the long ribbon

Stand on your step stool and tape your longer piece of ribbon to the top flat part of the door with clear packing tape. Be sure to position it in the exact middle of your door.

Press the ribbon flush against your door and secure it at the bottom of the door. Tape it to the flat bottom part of the door with packing tape.

3. Add the short ribbon

Hold your shorter piece of ribbon about an inch above your doorknob. Tape it with clear packing tape to the flat part on the right side of the door.


Press this shorter piece of ribbon flush against the door, stretching it to the other side. Carefully slide the ribbon into the crack, where the hinges meet the door. Go around to the other side of the door and tape the ribbon in place with clear packing tape.

Finish with a bow

Put a bow in this Christmas present. Tape a puffy bow to the intersection of the long and short pieces of ribbon to add a festive touch of extra holiday decor.

And that's it. Your DIY Christmas decoration gift wrap front door is done. Just one thing to remember—this xmas present won't exactly fit onto Santa's sleigh!



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