How to Make PVC Balloon Arches

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Things You'll Need

  • PVC Pipe

  • Aluminum rod (optional)

  • Duct tape or electrical tape

  • Balloons

  • Helium

  • Hi-Float liquid

  • Flexible measuring tape

  • Cardboard

  • X-Acto knife

  • Thick wire or fishing line

Try a single color or a multi-colored balloon arch to match your party's theme.

A balloon arch is the perfect decoration for a party, a charity event or even a backdrop for photos at the high school prom. Decorators and photographers alike can use the balloon arch to enhance the environment and make each photo special. Creating a balloon arch out of PVC pipe is a simple task. While it requires some time to finish, working as a team will speed the process along.


Step 1

Cut two pieces of PVC pipe to the same height. These will form the sides of your arch. To create the top, either use a slightly curved piece of PVC pipe or an aluminum rod. If you cannot find a piece of PVC pipe that is curved enough, cut several curved pieces into smaller lengths and arrange them to create the curve you want.


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Step 2

Tape the arch together with duct tape or electrical tape. Make sure each piece of pipe is securely taped together so it won't fall apart. When it's time to stand the arch up, you'll use wire to hold it to the wall.

Step 3

Inflate your first balloon with either helium or air. Helium creates less pressure on the arch but will deflate in less than a day. Air filled balloons are heavier but last for weeks. Theme Parties 'N More suggests using a squirt of Hi-Float liquid inside each helium balloon to keep it inflated longer.


Step 4

Measure, with a cloth or flexible measuring tape, the diameter of the widest part of the inflated balloon. Trace a circle of the same diameter onto a piece of cardboard and cut it out with an X-Acto knife. Use this is your template to ensure all your balloons are inflated to the same size. Once you've inflated a balloon, place it through the cardboard hole. If it won't fit, it's too big. If it slides through without touching the sides, it's too small.


Step 5

Inflate a second balloon, using your template to check for the correct size, and tie the ends of the two balloons together. Repeat this with two other balloons. Take one set of balloons and twist them around the second set so the knotted ends wrap around and form a cluster of four balloons.


Step 6

Create more balloon clusters and attach each one to the PVC pipe arch by wrapping two balloons in the cluster around the arch. Move the clusters up and down the pipe as needed to cover the entire arch and hide the frame from sight.

Step 7

Stand the arch upright and use thick wire or fishing line to secure it to the wall on either side. You'll also need to tie the top of the arch to a hook in the ceiling to help it stand up. If the arch does not want to stand, you may need to cut a circle the diameter of the PVC pipe into a block of wood, or other square material, and attach it to the bottom of the PVC pipe to create a base. Repeat this for the other side of the arch.



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