How to Put a Garage Door Back on Track

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Things You'll Need

  • Screwdrivers

  • Rubber mallet

  • Lubricating oil

  • Protective eye goggles

Get your garage door back on track.

A common problem with garage doors is that they go off track from time to time, which can be a particularly annoying problem when the weather is bad or you are in a rush. Garage doors get a lot of use, which is one of the primary causes of the problem. Garage doors, like anything else with moving parts, require periodic maintenance. The doors operate by using a spring and cable system, which puts a lot of pressure on all the parts. The combination of spring tension and cables also demands that you exercise extreme caution when working on a garage door. Be methodical and wear protective gear.


Step 1

Find the source of the problem. Before you attempt to fix the problem, learn the original cause of the problem. Make sure that the tracks are well anchored to the wall. Check for damage or dents in the tracks. Use a level to see if the tracks are properly aligned. If the tracks are not level or are out of alignment, loosen the track braces and tap them into alignment with a rubber mallet. Check that the tracks are clean and lubricated.


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Step 2

Check the conditions of the springs. The tension in the spring system is what opens and closes the door. Springs can break, rust and eventually become loose.

Step 3

Locate where the roller popped out of the track. Open the door while holding the roller against the track. The point where the roller is nearest the track is probably the point where it jumped the track. Use a rubber mallet to tap the edge of the roller back into the track. If this doesn't work, proceed to the next step.


Step 4

Loosen the mounting plate and align the angle of the roller with the plate, which requires you to open the door all the way and relieve the spring tension by disconnecting the opener. Loosen the mounting plate without removing it. Place the roller back in the track. Tighten the screws.

Step 5

Double check everything. Make sure all the loose parts are tightened. Pay attention to screws and hinges. Check the spring tension.


Garage doors are under a great deal of tension. Be very careful and don't rush. It is a good idea to ask someone to help you.



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