How to Hang a Wine Rack

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Things You'll Need

  • Cordless drill

  • Drill bit

  • Phillips head bit

  • 2 wood boards (cut the length of your wine rack)

  • 8-1 and 1/2 half inch drywall screws (more if your wine rack is very large)

  • 8 wall anchors (if a stud is not available)

  • Measuring tape

  • Level

  • Pencil

  • Hammer

With the interest growing in wine today, more people are buying wine to keep at home instead of buying a glass or bottle at their favorite restaurant. Hanging wine racks are a great space saver and keep your favorite vintages at your fingertips. You don't need to have a stranger come into your home to hang your new wine rack, this is a fairly easy project that doesn't take up a lot of your spare time. You can hang your own wine rack and have your own collection of wines stored and ready for use in no time.


Step 1

Pick the spot you want to place your wine rack. Assemble your wine rack and check the dimensions so that you know where to place your screws or fasteners. Find your closest studs in the wall, you can do this by lightly tapping your hammer along the wall. There will be a solid sound when you find the stud, otherwise, you will hear a more hollow sound. Your stud is important because that will help to hold your wine rack firmly in place. Once you have found your studs, they should be about 16 inches apart, take your pencil and mark where you want to fasten your wine rack

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Step 2

Use your tape measure to make sure that the distance between screws on both boards are the same. Drill holes in your wall where you want to hang your rack. Measure the distance between your holes in the wall and mark your boards the same. To make this easier, you can also drill holes into your boards. There should be at least two screws in each of your wood board.


Step 3

Place your first board onto the wall where you have already drilled your holes. Screw the drywall screws through your board and into the holes that you drilled into the wall. Make sure that the screws are fastened tightly. Repeat this step for your other board

Step 4

Take your level and place it on top of each of your boards to make sure that your boards are level. If not, remove screws and adjust accordingly. To ensure that your wine is stored correctly, a level wine rack is required.

Step 5

Take the screws or fasteners that came with your wine rack and hang accordingly to the instructions.


If you cannot find studs in your walls, use wall anchors to secure your screws into the wall. It is important that your screws are secure in order to ensure that your wine rack is firmly attached to your wall.


Wine bottles are a lot of weight, make sure that you put an adequate number of screws into your boards to keep bottles from falling and breaking.


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