How to Wash 100 Percent Polyester

Polyester has graduated from its status as a tacky fabric that doesn't "breathe" to an up-to-date option that mimics textured knits, silky chiffon and enviable prints. Polyester is often less expensive than all-natural fabrics and resists wrinkling, making it a plus for travel. It's still considered a delicate fabric, however, and can age prematurely if not washed properly.


Polyester clothing most often can be washed at home, even if labeled as "dry clean." If you do wash your polyester garments, use care to ensure that nothing gets ruined in the process.

Bed Linens and Upholstery

Polyester is commonly used for sheets and other linens. Wash these items separately from other fabrics, and always load the machine to a manageable capacity -- overloading may cause tearing or incomplete washing. Use warm water and a detergent that is mild, because the washed product will likely come in contact with the skin.

Place these in the dryer after washing, but set it to the lowest heat setting.


Avoid using fabric softener, either liquid or sheets, on polyester.

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