How to Install Bifold Closet Doors on Laminate Flooring

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Things You'll Need

  • Bifold door installation kit

  • Paint

  • Paint brush

  • Tape measure

  • Drill

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Sliding closet doors were popular in the 1950s, but many homeowners have since chosen to replace them with bifold doors. Bifold doors open wide, giving you access to more of your closet than you have with sliding doors, through which you can access only half your closet at a time. If you replace sliding doors with bifold doors and you have laminate floors, installation is the same as on any hardwood flooring surface. With a bifold door installation kit, all the hardware and screws you need are included.


Step 1

Paint your bifold doors before you install them. Allow the paint to dry.

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Step 2

Mark the doors where you will install the hinges. The hinges will connect the two panels for the left side and the two panels for the right. Lay your doors out so the left doors and the right doors are next to each other to mark the location for the hinges. Mark 11 inches from the bottom and 7 inches from the top on both left doors where they meet and on both right doors where they meet. Place the hinges in position, drill through the hinges and insert screws into the door to secure the hinges.


Step 3

Measure and cut the door track to fit the top of your closet door opening. Insert screws through the track, in the appropriate holes, and into the top of your door frame to secure the track to your closet.

Step 4

Insert pivot plates on the top and the bottom of both the right and left doors. The pivot plates are the pins that stick out of the door and into the track, keeping the doors on track. The pins slide along the track when you open and close the door. Check manufacturer instructions for exactly where to install the pivot plates so the door glides open and closed smoothly. Generally, you install the top pivot plates on top of the door on the inside corner and on the bottom of the door on the outside corners.


Step 5

Lift your doors into the door opening. Press the pivot plate pins down, position the doors under the track and then let go of the pin. The pins should bounce up inside the track.

Step 6

Note the location of your bottom pivot plates and mark the location on your laminate flooring. Remove the doors and install your bottom door mounts in the location of the bottom pivot plates on both doors. Drill through the laminate flooring and into your subfloor. You'll find additional security for your closet doors if you mount them to the subfloor.


Step 7

Hang your doors, installing them first in the track on top. Then push in the bottom pins, line them up and snap them in place in the floor brackets.

Step 8

Measure 36 inches from the floor, measure the horizontal center of your door and mark where those two measurements meet. This is where you will install the door pulls that come with your doors. Drill a screw through the back of the door where you want to install the door pulls, then rotate the door pull clockwise on the screw from the other side. Rotate the door pull until it's tightly secured to the door.


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