How do I Install Manufactured Stone Wire Mesh?

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Things You'll Need

  • Galvanized metal lath

  • Appropriate fasteners

  • Hammer

  • Wire cutters or sheet metal shears

Install two layers of wire mesh on outside corners.

Wire mesh, also called lath, is use to provide a supportive foundation for manufactured stone. Install wire mesh for manufactured stone on masonry surfaces using concrete fasteners. If installing lath over wood, sheet rock or insulation board, use galvanized nails that are long enough to penetrate 1 inch into the supporting studs. On exterior surfaces, install a weather-resistant barrier before installing the manufactured stone wire mesh.


Step 1

Using a pair of wire cutters or sheet metal shears, cut a section of wire mesh to fit an area of the wall. When installing a large section, loosely fasten it into position to hold it to the wall while nailing it into place.

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Step 2

Install nails into the mesh 16 inches apart horizontally and 6 inches apart vertically. Start from a location close to the center bottom of the mesh sheet. Install the first four nails in a square pattern with the point of the nail facing away from the location of the wire. For example, if the wire is on the right side of the nail, drive the nail in on a slight angle with the tip of the nail pointing to the right.


Step 3

Continue installing nails spaced appropriately apart from each previous nail, working up, then on one side of the original four nails, pulling the wire mesh upward and away from the original square. Install the bottom nails by pulling the wire mesh down and away from the original four nails. Repeat on the other side of the original four nails.


Step 4

Continue nailing in the same pattern on each side in rows working away from the previously nailed rows. Nail the wire mesh into the corner and pull away from the corner for each subsequent row.

Step 5

Overlap individual pieces of wire mesh for at least 2 inches.


Step 6

Butt pieces of wire mesh in corners. This prevents larger cracks if the building settles due to pulling of the wire mesh, which can pull apart the manufactured stone. If the building settles, there may be a crack in the corner, or only one side of the corner will be affected, rather than both sides.


Step 7

Overlap two layers of wire mesh on outside corners to reinforce the mesh on the corner. Nail from the corner to the edge away from the corner and pull the lath away from the corner for each consecutive row.


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