Homemade Eye Patch

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Things You'll Need

  • Fabric Marker

  • Felt

  • Scissors

  • Needle

  • Black thread

  • Hole punch

  • Leather chord

  • Stapler

  • Knife

  • Elastic

  • Gold craft paper

  • Black pen

  • Glue

  • Rhinestones

Eye patches are easy to make.

Pirate costumes and pirate-themed parties are popular among the old and the young. Almost everyone can make a pirate costume by slightly altering items from their own wardrobe to look like swashbucklers or female pirates. Eye patches can be purchased at most party-supply stores, but you can be made easily out of paper and a few staples in your own home. To really go the distance, embellish your costume with a hook, bandanna, buckles, a sash, sword and earrings.


Step 1

Use a fabric marker to mark the shape of an eye patch on the black felt. The eye patch shape should be a triangle with rounded edges.

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Step 2

Cut out the felt eye patch and make one slit from one of the corners into the center. This will help the felt bulge and make the eye patch look more realistic.

Step 3

Create the bulge by overlapping the two new edges of the eye patch created by the last cut. Secure the overlap by sewing it shut with black thread. It may be necessary to trim the edges to make them uniform.

Step 4

Make two small holes in either side of the eye patch with a knife. Pull the elastic through the hole and make a knot. Put the eye patch on and wrap the elastic around the head to determine how long the elastic should be. Cut the other end of the elastic and secure it to the other hole in the eye patch.


Step 5

Embellish the eye patch by adding a skull and cross bones. Draw a skull and cross bones on gold craft paper using a black felt tipped pen.

Step 6

Cut out the skull and cross bones and glue it to the front of the eye patch.


Step 7

Embellish the eye patch with rhinestones. Peel the backing off of the rhinestones to reveal the sticky substance. Then place the rhinestones 1/4 inch from the outer edge of the eye patch. If the rhinestones do not have a sticky backing, use glue to place them on the eye patch.

Step 8

Punch holes 1/4 inch apart and 1/8 inch from the edge of the eye patch. Place them along the entire outer edge. Pull the leather chord through the front of one of the holes and wrap it around the top to put it through the front of the next hole. Continue until you have wrapped the leather around the entire edge and tie a knot in the back of the eye patch.


For a more authentic look, make the eye patch out of heavy faux leather fabric.

Use a leather chord that has a contrasting color to your eye patch.


If the eye patch is for a child's costume and you are concerned about the lack of visibility, consider using black face paint in lieu of the eye patch.


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