How to Make Curtains Out of Fitted Sheets

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Things You'll Need

  • Tape Measure

  • Crafting tape measure

  • Hot glue gun

  • Glue sticks

  • Scissors

  • Fitted sheet

There is a wide variety of patterns for curtains made from a fitted sheet.

Curtains made from fitted sheets do not need any sewing. Many people prefer to dress their windows using a fitted sheet. Students, first-time renters and crafty people are among the many who use fitted sheets to provide privacy in the home. Fitted sheets are wide enough to cover most windows. Curtains made using a fitted sheet are an easy project to accomplish. You can add a border of silk or lace to the curtain if you wish.


Step 1

Measure the window using a tape measure, making sure to measure the desired width and length of your curtains. Add 8 inches to the measurement. Adding 8 inches allows for the hems of the curtains.

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Step 2

Measure your fitted sheet, including the 8 inches you added in step 1. Cut fabric to size, making sure to cut out all of the elastic binding in the sheet.

Step 3

Fold the fabric in half, making sure to fold the width of the fabric, and not the length. Cut the fabric down the center to form two curtain panels.

Step 4

Fold the side of the fabric (backside) in ½ an inch, and another ½ inch. You are folding the fabric twice for one hem. Pin in place on the backside of the sheet. Repeat for the opposite side of the curtain.


Step 5

Glue the curtain hem into place using your hot glue gun, removing the pins as you go. Glue only the backside of the sheet. Repeat for the opposite panel. Do not glue the pins onto the fitted sheet.

Step 6

Fold the top of the sheet in a ½ inch and pin into place (on the backside), then hot glue the sheet. Fold the hem on the top of the sheet down another inch, and pin down, then hot glue. Repeat for the opposite panel. You will insert your curtain rod here; make sure that your curtain rod fits the inch hem before gluing into place.


Step 7

Insert the curtains onto the curtain rod. Hang in place covering your window.

Step 8

Measure the length of the curtain, and pin (on the backside of the curtain) into place forming your bottom hem. Do this for both curtain panels. This will ensure that the curtains are level with one another.


Step 9

Remove the curtains from the curtain rod. Glue the hem down (on the backside of the curtain), removing the pins as you go. Repeat for the other curtain panel.

Step 10

Hang your curtains on the curtain rod covering your window.


For more pizazz, hot glue a decorative border around the curtain panels.


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