How to Write Treasure Hunt Clues

A good treasure hunt needs good clues. Clues should not be too tough to solve, nor should they be so simple they offer no challenge. Also, when writing your treasure hunt clues, consider the ages of the searchers. Complex riddles or enigmatic clues will confuse small children. Older kids and adults enjoy solving more difficult--but not formidable--clues. Create clues that link from one to the next, leading people to the ultimate treasure one step at a time.

Make treasure hunt clues that are age-appropriate and fun.

Things You'll Need

  • Notepaper

  • Four pieces of parchment paper

  • Calligraphy pen

  • Leather string

Step 1

Choose a location to hide or bury your treasure. Go to the location and write down a description of the treasure's location on your notepaper.

Step 2

Walk slowly to the point at which the participants will begin the hunt, stopping at three interesting locations along the way. Write down a description for each of the three locations.

Step 3

Write a clue for the treasure hiding spot and each of the three locations on a piece of parchment paper. Use the calligraphy pen to make fancy letters. Start the phrase with a fancy capital letter. Give letters like "Y" and "J" extra long tails. Give the small letter "i" a fancy dot in a star shape.

Make the clues descriptive. For example, a clue located at the base of a tree might say, "Find me near a trunk, but not in one."

Step 4

Roll up the clues, scroll style, when you have finished writing. Tie them with a bit of leather string.

Step 5

Hand the clue to the first location to the "hunters." Place the clue to the second location at the first, the clue to the third location at the second, etc.