How to Make It Easier to Carry Laundry Baskets Up Stairs

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Laundry doesn't have to be a pain in the back.

Carrying laundry up and down stairs can be exhausting. It can also lead to back pain and injury. Changing the way you carry laundry from one level of your house to another can go a long way toward making laundry less of a pain in the back.


Step 1

Carry only one laundry basket at a time. Carrying additional baskets adds extra strain.

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Step 2

Don't overload your laundry basket. Making a basket too heavy will make it more difficult to get the basket upstairs. Most people find making two trips with light laundry baskets is easier than carrying one very heavy basket.

Step 3

Carry your basket in front of you, not on your hip. Resting the basket on your hip causes uneven strain on your back, making it more difficult to carry the weight of the laundry basket.

Step 4

Carry your laundry basket as close to your body as possible.


Step 5

Do not fill your laundry basket with wet clothes, whenever possible. Wet clothes are much heavier than dry ones.

Step 6

Use a laundry tote or knapsack instead of a standard basket. These types of laundry carriers are designed to ease the stress of carrying laundry.

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