How to Make Grass Green Naturally

Green grass is accomplished by having healthy grass.
Green grass is accomplished by having healthy grass. (Image: grass image by ana malin from

Having thick, brilliant green grass in your yard is one of the most satisfying accomplishments a homeowner can have. Naturally green grass is healthy and attractive, increases the value of your home, improves the curb appeal and is a delight to play on with friends and family. Getting deep green grass in your yard does not have to be difficult, but it can take a little time and effort depending on how the yard looks when you're starting out. If the grass is nonexistent or in bad shape in the beginning, it will take longer to turn it into a naturally healthy green lawn.

Things You'll Need

  • Sharp lawn mower blades
  • Water

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Check the blade height setting on your lawn mower and change it to the highest cutting level if needed. Most people cut their grass as short as they can because they believe it will allow them to mow the lawn less frequently. Extremely short grass blades have a difficult time absorbing sunlight and nutrients, and they're more prone to burning from the heat of the day. Set your lawn mower cutting level to at least 3 inches so the grass stays long enough to send healthy roots deep into the soil.

Sharpen your lawn mower blade frequently. Once every two to three mowings is ideal, but if that's not possible then have it sharpened at least twice each season. If your lawn mower blades are dull they will tear the grass blades instead of cutting them off cleanly, and torn blades will cause the grass to spend energy repairing those tears. When the grass must use energy, food and nutrients for repairing tears that takes away from it being able to grow strong and green.

Setup an infrequent but deep watering cycle for your grass. By watering on an irregular basis, you train the grass to send its roots down deeply into the soil where more water is available. These stronger roots make the grass healthier and allow it to grow lush and green naturally.

When you do water, be sure to provide at least one full inch of water into the soil if it hasn't rained recently. If you water your grass using sprinklers, set a cup or bowl outside while watering so you'll know when the soil has received about an inch of water. When you water too shallowly the grass roots stay near the surface and are unable to gather as much of the minerals and nutrients from the soil they need to be the healthy deep green color you'd like.

Tips & Warnings

  • Leave clippings lay on the lawn after each mowing, so they can naturally compost and add nutrients back into the soil.


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