How to Store PVC Pipe

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Things You'll Need

  • Clean dry rag

  • PVC pipe

  • Duct tape

  • Tarp

Properly storing PVC pipe will ensure that the PVC pipe will remain useable when you need to install the PVC pipe.

PVC pipe is a popular building material for home plumbing. There are factors to consider if you need to store PVC pipe for an extended time. Ultraviolet light will break down the PVC pipe, causing the pipe to become brittle. Once installed, the brittle PVC pipe will crack easily and the solvent-welded bond between the brittle pipe and a PVC fitting will not hold properly. The other factor you need to consider when storing PVC pipe is keeping the interior of the pipe clean.


Step 1

Wipe the end of the PVC pipe with a clean rag to provide a clean area for the duct tape to adhere at the end of the pipe.

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Step 2

Tear two pieces of duct tape that is 1/4-inch larger than the outside diameter of the PVC pipe. You do not want the duct tape too large, as the glue from the PVC pipe will stick to the PVC pipe and will be difficult to remove without using a solvent. Certain types of solvents will damage the surface of the PVC pipe.

Step 3

Firmly press one piece of duct tape over each open end of the PVC pipe.

Step 4

Lay the PVC pipe on a stable, firm surface to ensure that the PVC pipe does not form a natural bend. A bend in the PVC pipe will make it harder for you to measure and properly install the PVC pipe.


Step 5

Lay the tarp over the protected PVC pipe to keep ultra-violet light from hitting the surface of the PVC pipe. If you have a shaded storage area, you still should cover the PVC pipe to avoid occasional contact between ultra-violet light and the PVC pipe.


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