How to Remove a Drive Belt Pulley on a John Deere Riding Mower

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Things You'll Need

  • Socket wrench

  • Socket set

  • Pipe wrench

John Deere

Whether you are rebuilding your John Deere riding mower or you were in an accident and bent the driver belt pulley, you will have to remove the driver belt pulley to get a new pulley on so that you can get back to mowing. The drive belt pulley is the main drive pulley that is the start of all major functions with the mower. This pulley is bolted onto the base of the crankshaft under the engine.


Step 1

Lay under or near the John Deere engine.

Step 2

Position the pipe wrench tightly above the drive belt pulley to prevent the crankshaft from rotating when you unscrew the drive belt pulley.

Step 3

Fit the proper-sized socket onto the bolt that holds the drive belt pulley to the base of the engine's crankshaft.

Step 4

Hold the pipe wrench with one hand, and with your other hand unscrew the bolt using the socket wrench.

Step 5

Pull down on the pulley until it slides off the crankshaft. Slip the drive belt off the pulley.