How to Use Pex Go-Nogo Gauge

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Things You'll Need

  • PEX tubing

  • PEX fitting

  • PEX crimp ring

  • PEX crimping tool

  • Go/No-Go gauge

The PEX plumbing system is an innovative way of installing plumbing in residential and commercial applications. A combination of PEX fittings, crimp rings, PEX tubing and a PEX crimping tool are required during an installation. A Go/No-Go gauge is included with every crimping tool sold. It is a flat piece of metal with a few cut-outs on each side. One side is the "Go" side; the other side is the "No-Go" side. Use both sides to see if you crimped each fitting into place correctly.


Step 1

Place a crimp ring over the PEX tubing and insert a PEX fitting. Slide the crimp ring so it is 1/8-inch from the end of the tubing right next to the PEX fitting.

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Step 2

Use a PEX crimper to crimp the ring into place over the PEX tubing.


Step 3

Slide the "Go" side of the gauge over the crimped ring. If the crimp was made correctly, the gauge will pass over the ring with not problems.

Step 4

Turn the gauge over and try to pass the "No-Go" side of the gauge over the crimp ring. The crimp ring should be unable to enter the gauge at any point on the "No-Go" side of the gauge.

Step 5

Cut the PEX fitting out and replace it with a new crimp ring and fitting if the crimp ring fails either test.