How to Make a Paper Motorbike

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Things You'll Need

  • Motorbike pattern or stencil

  • Acrylic paint or colored pens

  • Utility knife

  • Cutting board

Model motorbike painted aqua blue and silver.

Paper crafts allow you to customize a motorbike in any color or style. Art supply, stationary and craft stores provide materials to embellish a paper model motorcycle. You can make one motorbike or build a fleet of them. A paper motorbike works well as a stand-alone project or to use in a diorama.


Step 1

Select a pattern. Art stores and websites offer motorbike stencils and patterns you can use for your paper motorbike. Some paper motorbikes result in realistic replicas of specific motorcycle models. Motorbike patterns create dimensional paper crafts. Stencils create one-dimensional motorbike models. (See References and Resources)


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Step 2

Choose the paper. Heavy paper such as card stock or light cardboard provides durability and helps the motorbike stand up.

Step 3

Place the motorbike stencil or pattern on your card stock and use the utility knife to cut it. Use a new blade for best results.


Step 4

Paint the motorbike in the desired colors. Allow it to dry.

Step 5

Fold the motorbike together according to the pattern instructions for a dimensional paper motorbike.


You can glue the motorbike to a heavier piece of cardboard or small piece of wood to use as a stand. You can draw your own motorbike pattern. Draw from an actual motorbike or use a picture from a book or website. Lay out newspapers to protect the table or counter. For a kid’s project, provide watercolors.
Metallic paper, foil and scrap leather add realistic details to a paper motorbike.


Keep your fingers out of the path of the knife blade. For a kid's craft project, an adult can cut the motorbike or provide safety scissors.


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