How to Build a Model Car Out of Cardboard

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Things You'll Need

  • Shoebox

  • Ruler

  • Pencil

  • Utility knife

  • 2 long straws

  • Small can

  • Glue

Toy cars.

Utilize cardboard boxes of any size to stimulate the imagination of a child. Large boxes can become a castle, rocket or pirate ship. Medium boxes can be a train or car large enough to sit inside. Small boxes can make a robot, guitar or model car. A cardboard model car can be made to resemble a real car through the use of paint and design. Utilize items from around the home to make the model car.


Step 1

Measure 2 inches from the back of the box and 1 inch down from the open top of the box. Mark with the pencil. Measure 2 inches back from the front of the box and 1 inch down from the top and mark with the pencil. Repeat on the other side of the box. Use the utility knife to cut small holes at each spot marked.


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Step 2

The car body will sit with the bottom of the shoebox on top. Decorate the car as desired. If a specific model car is wanted find a drawing or photograph of the vehicle in a size that can be laid on the side of a shoebox. Photocopy the picture twice. Glue one copy on each side of the shoebox so the picture does not move.


Step 3

Insert a straw through the front two holes and another straw though the back two holes on the sides of the box. These will be the axles.

Step 4

Place the lid of the box on a flat surface. Trace the small can 4 times on the lid and cut out the circles. These will be the wheels of the car. Use the ruler to draw two straight lines directly across each wheel. Where the lines cross is the middle of the wheel. Use the utility knife to cut a small hole to insert the straw.


Step 5

Insert one wheel onto a straw on each side of the car. Glue wheels to the straws, but not to the body of the car. Set aside to dry completely.



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