Creative Uses for Power Window Motor

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A power window motor have many uses beyond just a car window.

At first glance, a power window motor has just one use: To drive a window up and down. Looking below the surface, however, reveals myriad possibilities. You must understand that it is a powerful, high torque, 12-volt DC (Direct Current) electric motor. It can be used wherever a compact source of power is needed. Furthermore, the reduction gearing attached to the motor makes an excellent source of power transfer for low-speed applications.


Powered Greenhouse Louvers

Many greenhouses have louvers that must be opened and closed to regulate internal temperature. These louvers are often mounted up high and are difficult to open and close manually. A power window motor can be attached to the mechanism to open and close the louvers automatically. By driving the motors with a programmable controller, all the louvers can be opened and closed by computer control. If your power supply is 120 volts AC (Alternating Current), you will need a power transformer. These are relatively inexpensive and readily available from electrical supply houses.


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Child's Electric Car or Go Kart

A small child's car can be built and the motor used as a source of power. You will have to make a cradle for a marine or car battery and a body shell to cover it. Use the attached gearing system to reduce the speed and attach it to the wheel by gears or a bicycle chain. Cover all exposed moving parts for safety and to child-proof the car. The throttle can be a floor-mounted on/off switch. As with any child's toy, adult supervision during use is always recommended.


Radio-Controlled Boat

A power window motor makes an ideal power source for a large radio-controlled boat. You will find 12-volt sealed batteries are readily available for marine use. By designing the boat correctly, you will have a very attractive model. Use aluminum angle channels for the motor mounts, and use servomotors that have enough torque to move the rudder as needed. Make sure to seal the motor in a waterproof area. You can do this by sealing the top of the engine compartment with gaskets.


Gemologist Saw

A gemologist saw looks like a small table saw, except that the blade is very thin and diamond-coated. The power window motor can be used to spin the blade. Make the table out of thick sheet aluminum and fabricate motor mounts. Be sure to waterproof the motor compartment and the shaft by a small seal, since this is a wet saw. Hook up a drip water supply to the blade and you made an inexpensive saw instead of a very high priced off-the-shelf unit.


Rotating Display Case

Use the motor and attached low-speed gearing to make a rotating display case. This can be used to display jewelry in a store or other high-priced knickknacks. If the power supply is 120 volts AC, you will have to use a transformer to convert the electricity down to 12 volts DC.


Solar-Powered Electric Attic Fan

Toolbase Services states that a solar-powered attic fan uses a 10- to 20-watt output solar panel to drive the fan motor. A power window motor falls into that wattage range and can be used for a powered attic ventilator. By using a powered ventilator, you will make your attic keep a lot cooler in the summer, reducing your electric bill.



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