How to Use Gallery Glass Window Etch

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Things You'll Need

  • Window glass

  • Alcohol

  • Soft cloth

  • Masking tape

  • Gallery Glass window etch

  • Paper plate

  • Medium sized paint brush

Window stencil for etching

Gallery Glass window etching medium, made by Plaid, is a simple and fast way to etch windows for style or privacy. Plan your designs with masking tape or stencils and simply paint the etching medium on and allow it to dry. This water based etching medium contains none of the harsh chemicals or toxic acids of hydrofluoric acid etching creams and requires none of the heavy machinery involved in sandblasted glass etching. All the Gallery Glass brand of window etching medium requires is imagination, the etching medium, window glass and a paint brush.


Step 1

Dab alcohol on a soft cloth and clean the window glass of all smudges, dirt and oils.

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Step 2

Position a chosen stencil on the window and tape it down tightly to the glass with masking tape.


Step 3

Squeeze a small amount of Gallery Glass window etch out on to a paper plate.

Step 4

Dip a medium sized paint brush in the Gallery Glass etch, wipe the excess off on a dry portion of the paper plate, and paint the cut out parts of the stencil where the glass is exposed, being careful not to push any of the glass etch under the edge of the stencil.

Step 5

Let the Gallery Glass window etch dry, then remove the stencil.



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