How to Mount a Map on Foamboard

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Things You'll Need

  • Map

  • Iron

  • Ironing board

  • Clean pillowcase or towel

  • Foamboard

  • Spray adhesive

Maps are as attractive as they are useful.

Foamboard is a fabulous alternative to picture frames and to plain poster board. Basically a thin sheet of foam pressed between two pieces of heavy paper, foamboard is a sturdy backing that is flexible and nearly weightless. It's not hard to mount a map on foamboard, but you do have to line it up carefully to get it straight. Foamboard mounted maps make great pieces of homemade art, as well as interesting and easily portable school projects.


Step 1

Unfold your map on a flat surface. Smooth it out as best you can with your hands.

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Step 2

Turn the iron on to the setting for linen. Lay a pillowcase or towel on top of your map and iron it slowly, letting the heat of the iron smooth the wrinkles out of the map.

Step 3

Let the map cool and turn it face down. Spray the back of the map with spray adhesive.

Step 4

Lay the map, face up, on top of the foam board, being careful to align the edges precisely. It takes a few seconds for spray adhesive to set, so start at one edge and carefully smooth out any wrinkles by sweeping your palms gently across the map.

Step 5

Let the map dry for at least 20 minutes before hanging it or carrying it around.


Always use spray adhesive in a well-ventilated area.


Don’t forget to turn off and unplug your iron the minute you are done with it.


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