How to Freeze Gorgonzola Cheese

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Things You'll Need

  • Plastic wrap

  • Freezer paper

  • Heavy-duty freezer bags

Gorgonzola cheese adds a zesty punch to any dish.

Gorgonzola cheese is a white or pale yellow cheese made from unpasteurized cow's or goat's milk. It is typically aged for three to six months, during which time holes are poked into it to allow its signature greenish-blue mold to grow and flourish. The wonderfully enhancing tartness of Gorgonzola is perfect for salads, appetizers and pasta dishes, so it's a good idea to keep it on hand. Fortunately, this robust cheese is simple to freeze, and, if stored properly, will maintain its famous indulgently pungent flavor.


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Step 1

Remove Gorgonzola cheese from its original packaging.

Step 2

Divide Gorgonzola cheese into approximate 1/2 lb. portions.

Step 3

Wrap each portion securely in a double layer of plastic wrap.


Step 4

Wrap each plastic-wrapped portion in freezer paper.

Step 5

Place the wrapped pieces in heavy-duty freezer bags. Label and date each bag.

Step 6

Store the bags in your freezer at no higher than 0 degrees Fahrenheit.


For the best quality, use frozen Gorgonzola within six months. However, if wrapped well and stored at the proper temperature, frozen Gorgonzola will keep indefinitely.

Thaw Gorgonzola cheese in your refrigerator for at least two days prior to use.


Discard Gorgonzola cheese if it appears slimy, tastes rancid or emits a foul or ammonia-like odor.


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