How to Make a 3D Paper Igloo

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Things You'll Need

  • Paper

  • Pencil

  • Scissors

  • Tape

  • Markers

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Igloos are shelters made of blocks of snow that insulate those inside from the harsh polar climate.You can make a paper igloo for a school display, to house paper polar bears or just to show off. Use white copy paper for an authentic look or colored paper to be creative. Card stock will make the igloo sturdy, but is much more difficult to manipulate and sculpt with. For fun, add a base sheet of paper and cover with cotton balls.


Making the Igloo

Step 1

Fold two sheets of letter-size paper in half, together. Make sure the edges are together.

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Step 2

Draw an arc, from the center of the folded edge, to an inch and a half from the bottom, left edge. Draw another arc, from the center of the folded edge, to an inch and a half from the bottom, right edge. The arcs should bow out toward the sides, so that what you have looks like a mound.

Step 3

Cut out the shapes, leaving both sides connected by a quarter of an inch at the fold. Unfold. You should have two hourglass-shaped forms.

Step 4

Lay one hourglass piece over the other, so that you have a cross shape. Pull up the thin strips into a dome shape and tape the four sides into place.


Step 5

Cut a two inch by two inch square from a sheet of paper. Bend the paper gently to form the entrance to the igloo and attach to the igloo with tape.

Step 6

Decorate using markers.


Depending on the size and shape you want, you can make the hourglass shapes wider or narrower when you draw them.


Children should be supervised when working with scissors, for safety reasons.


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