How to Make a DIY Birthday Yard Sign

Things You'll Need

  • Paper

  • Pencil

  • Wooden stakes

  • Large, square, heavy-duty poster board in several colors

  • Duct tape or small nails

  • Hammer

  • Scissors

  • Colored markers

  • White glue

  • Letter and shape stencils (optional)

  • Streamers, balloons, stickers, glitter and other decorations

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If you're looking for a way to help someone feel extra special on their birthday, make a DIY birthday yard sign. Putting together a custom DIY birthday yard sign is a fun way way to surprise the birthday girl or boy. DIY birthday signs are inexpensive, relatively easy to make and help to make that special birthday even more memorable.

Make Your DIY Birthday Yard Sign

Step 1

Plan out your design using pencil and paper. Draw out the sign's lettering to write down your message the way you'd like it on the finished sign.

Step 2

Choose a poster board color to use as the sign's base and background. Set the poster board on a large, flat surface.

Step 3

Using your paper-and-pencil design as a guide, draw your design on the large poster board with the pencil. If you planned to use letter stencils, arrange the stencils into your design, then trace them onto the poster board.

Step 4

Outline your lettering with brightly colored markers, then use the markers to fill in the letters with a combination of solid colors or patterns.

Step 5

Trace shape stencils on poster board of other colors, then cut the shapes out.

Step 6

Add flair and personality to the sign by gluing on your pre-cut poster board shapes, air-filled balloons, colored streamers, shiny glitter, or any other decorations. Let the glue dry for at least 4 hours or overnight.

Assemble Your DIY Birthday Yard Sign

Step 1

After the glue is dry, lay the finished sign face-side down on a flat surface.

Step 2

Place the wooden stake in the middle of the sign. Use two stakes–-one on each end–-if the sign is extra large. Next, use strips of duct tape to secure the stake(s) to the back of the sign.

Step 3

If you wish to use nails instead of duct tape, place the wooden stake on a large work surface and center the finished sign on top of the stake.

Step 4

Hammer the nails into the sign to secure the sign on the stake.

Step 5

Use poster board cut-outs, glitter or other decorations to cover over the exposed nail heads.

Place Your DIY Birthday Yard Sign

Step 1

Once your sign is finished, find a place in the yard to display it. Planters, grass or other semi-soft surfaces work best.

Step 2

Using the hammer, lightly pound the sign into the grass, planter or other chosen site.

Step 3

Step back and wait for the reaction!


Most supplies for this project can be found at art supply stores. Wooden stakes can be found at local hardware or garden stores.


Nails can be sharp and dangerous. Supervise children when using hammers or nails.