How to Wrap Posters

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Things You'll Need

  • Scissors

  • Transparent tape

  • Rubber bands

  • Contrasting ribbon

  • Bow

  • Poster tube (optional)

Don't roll a poster too loosely.
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Posters have come a long way from the blacklight beauties of the 1960s and '70s. Whether giving a boy-band or sports-star poster to a young friend or a vintage wine or travel poster to an adult aficionado, figuring out how to wrap posters can be a challenge. You may not be able to disguise the shape when you gift-wrap posters, but you can make them exciting to open.


Framed Posters

Step 1

Unroll wrapping paper on a flat surface with the printed side down. Place the poster lengthwise on top of it, face-down about 2 inches from the bottom edge of the paper.

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Step 2

Fold the roll down over the poster. Cut the paper from the roll when you are even with the bottom edge of the paper.


Step 3

Move the poster so it is centered on the wrapping paper. Fold the right side of the wrapping paper over the poster, crease the fold with your thumb all the way to both ends and secure the middle to the poster frame with a 1-inch piece of tape. Repeat this for the left side.

Step 4

Fold the bottom of the paper up over the poster, keeping the right and left edges folded under at the thumbnail crease. Secure the wrapping paper to itself at the sides with 1-inch pieces of tape. Repeat this for the top edge.


Step 5

Wrap ribbon horizontally around the poster and secure it with tape. Wrap another one vertically, secure it with tape, then place a self-stick bow where they meet on the front.

Rolled Posters

Step 1

Roll up the poster with the picture facing in and secure it loosely with rubber bands placed 2 to 4 inches in from either end. Make sure the rubber bands do not crease, wrinkle or tear the poster.


Step 2

Unroll the wrapping paper with the printed side down. Place the rolled poster on top of it crosswise and even with bottom edge. Roll up the poster in the wrapping paper until it has at least two layers around it.

Step 3

Cut the paper from the roll and fold the edge under about 1/8 inch. Secure it with two to four small pieces of tape.

Step 4

Finish the ends either by twisting the paper loosely and tying them with ribbon or folding them in and taping them.


An option is to place the poster in a mailing tube before wrapping so there is no chance it will get torn with the wrapping paper or creased in handling.

Use double-sided tape hidden beneath the folds of paper for a cleaner look to your finished gift.


Never fold a poster, especially a vintage one.


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