How to Make Easy Jungle Palm Trees

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Things You'll Need

  • Cardboard carpet roll or PVC pipe

  • Medium-sized plastic planter

  • Brown paper lunch bags

  • Pencil

  • Green construction paper or poster board

  • Scissors

  • Transparent tape

  • Newspaper

  • String

Palm trees add an exotic flair to parties.
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Jungle themes give parties an exotic flair, and no jungle is complete without a palm tree. If you are decorating a classroom, school or church function, palm trees are simple enough for children to make. You also can add fake coconuts or a cardboard animals for an even more festive look.


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Step 1

Place a cardboard carpet roll or PVC pipe in a medium-sized plastic planter filled with sand.

Step 2

Buy a small package of brown paper lunch bags. Use paper scissors to trim the closed ends from the bags. Place a bag over the end of the carpet roll or pipe. Scrunch the bag around the bottom of the roll or pipe. Continue adding and scrunching bags until the roll or pipe is covered with bags. This makes the tree trunk.

Step 3

Use a pencil to draw large palm leaves on green construction paper or poster board. Draw a thin strip on the end of the leaf to attach to the trunk of the tree. Cut out the leaves. Fold the strip on the ends of the leaves over and use transparent tape to secure them to the inside of the roll or pipe. Place one or two leaves in the top center of the roll or pipe to stick straight up.


Step 4

Add coconuts to your palm tree. Fill small brown paper lunch bags with old newspaper and shape into a ball. Tie a string around the end of the bag. Place the filled bag beneath the leaves, and tape the end to the outside of the roll or pipe.


Draw the outline of a monkey on a piece of cardboard. The monkey should have one hand over his head in the shape of a hook. Spray paint it dark brown. Hang the arm on the top of the roll and arrange leaves around it.

Place a few coconuts inside the plastic pot around the base of the tree for decoration.